Perinatal Havening


Kimm Sun, a midwife from New York City has integrated Havening with her midwifery care since 2016, and discovered that Havening skills will allow midwives, doulas and birth workers to provide a truly holistic care to clients and their families. She aims to share her work with other birth workers, and make mental and emotional health care much more assessable to the birth community of NYC.

Are you pregnant and in search of an effective stress relief technique? Do you want to sleep better and feel calmer? Are you looking for safe, soothing ways to nurture a healthy body and mind during this crucial time?

This Self-havening for Pregnancy workshop, designed by a midwife, is easy to learn, gentle, and powerful. Whether you are coping well or are feeling overwhelmed and experiencing pregnancy symptoms such as insomnia and some degrees of anxiety, self-havening could be one of the most valuable tools you could have. If you are already under the care of a therapist, self-havening can also support your healing process.

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Kimm Sun is a Certified Nurse Midwife, a Nurse Practitioner, Certified Havening Practitioner, and Havening Trainer. She owns a home birth practice in New York City and is also the creator of the Human Birth Project and The Intact Birth - social media sites aimed at empowering women through knowledge. She has presented on perinatal havening at the Havening Global Conference as well as the United Nations sponsored 2018 Commission on the Status of Women. She is also a global health volunteer who has taught midwifery skills in Haiti, Nepal and Vietnam.